Random craps

  • Sometime last week the default color scheme for WordPress’ Dashboard (3.0-alpha) was changed – it is now lighter at least the header part. For example check this blog’s login page.
  • TWGOK / The World God Only Knows / Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai is getting anime adaptation. And yes, I also agree that Jun Fukuyama would be perfect fit to be Keima’s VA. In case you’re living under rock, it’s a manga about a galge otaku given task to “capture” “runaway-spirit”-infested real-life girls. No more information currently available as of the time of this post.
  • Some more anime (sequels/new titles) announcements were made and you can check them either in moetron, ANN or Canned Dogs.
  • Latest WordPress requires more memory than ever. I can’t even upload a 1000×1000-something image because of memory exhaustion.

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