Working!! episode 1

I think this is the first time I see a pre-airing which has relatively good quality.

Working!! – yet another manga adaptation and yet another slice of life comedy anime animated by A-1 which did Sora no Woto in previous season. The basic is simple – it tells story about employees at a certain Family Restaurant. It goes without question that most (all?) of them are not quite normal.

Spoilers ahead.

Here’s the main character – Takanashi Souta. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun, and a lolicon. Like, natural lolicon one.

See the keyword over 12. It’ll be revealed later that he considers them…

Too old. Just like Tachibana Hajime but this one doesn’t actually admit it. Instead he said…

Hurrr. Just like this Yuuki Makoto.


He’s found and recruited randomly by the heroine – Taneshima Poplar. Your generic old-enough-with-loli-appearance. She’s as generic as a character can be.

And then there’s…

(Hint: she said that after kicking the customers)

Manager of the famires. A little bit sensitive about her age.

After being called a "rotten bitch"


And then there’re an androphobia and a katana-bearing-maid…

In short, I think the first episode is quite amusing with few surprises/loltimes here and there. The character design is relatively good, A-1 should gives quite stable and good animation for the whole series and Fukuyama Jun voicing the main character is well placed (hahahah, IYKWIM). Its original source as a 4-panels manga probably means any story development is more like an extra.

…and I failed writing a proper summary. Better luck next time.

Closing pic:


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