HAHAH, good job, Ubuntu

So I was messing with my Ubuntu 8.04 installation for hours trying to find the way to connect to VPN with NetworkManager. It used to ‘just work’ in Fedora 12 but doesn’t in Ubuntu. It’s an old version (older than Fedora 12) but it’s supposed to be LTS – Long Term Service and I expect things available in here to be working without problem. The only missing thing should be whatever new features available on later versions.

See, VPN is available. And network-manager-openvpn is available. It should work, right?


Doing anything useful with your network configuration, like, setting static IP, will remove the “VPN Connections” menu from the applet. Surely creating advanced network configuration, like, bridged connection worsen the matter.

After few hours, I decided to see if it’s a general problem… and this I found. Status: confirmed.

Great. 2 years and 5 months unfixed bug. The developers never try their own work? Heh.

I want my time back. I’m so not going to use it from command line – it’s 2010 and I’m not using OpenBSD here (and OpenBSD has easier bridged networking configuration).

If you ask me why I switched to Ubuntu from Fedora – older version no less, the reason is I wanted (and still want) to try OpenVZ. This will be discussed in another post (rant).

2 thoughts on “HAHAH, good job, Ubuntu

  1. Latest versions might SOUND less stable but most times they are better maintained. Generally why I use a rolling release linux distro. If you want something that isn’t going to be updated you may as well just use FreeBSD+KDE or whatever other environment. Ubuntu is made mostly for the retard market, it makes sense that anything fancy doesn’t work. Can’t say I approve of your Fedora indiscretions but you don’t need Ubuntu for OpenVZ anyway, it should work in Fedora, or at least Debian.

    • there’s this thing called OpenVZ and I’m avoiding any kind of external repositories… But in the end it’s become useless and I might as well upgrade to 9.10 or probably just switch to arch.

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