What I’ve been watching lately

Bones’ titles. Darker than Black (Yin o/)and its second season (Suou o/) and then currently watching Eureka Seven (on hold at episode 29 right now – getting sleepy).

About 66 episodes. The highest I’ve achieved in this few years. I just never able to watch anything in peace since few years ago because of… stuffs. Various reasons caused me to not able to watch as many episodes as I can compared to 2005 and before. I rarely marathon a 4-cours title. Only once actually as far as I remember: Gundam SEED (which costs me few hours of classes and CD-Rs – lots of em).

Looks like this year I’ll be able to finish much more titles than I did before 😀

On another note, I watched every single new series this winter. And noticed only one (from about eight) titles which is not a moeblob/fanservice title. There are still some more winter titles yet to air so this number will be changed but the ratio will still be unbalanced.

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