Study List 2010 and up

Too many to learn, too short time.

High priority. Things I want and/or need to study in this 1-6 months:

  • SQL and PL/SQL: Job requirement.
  • Java: Job requirement.
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails: Personal choice. Mainly because danbooru is using it and it’s got the easiest module management (compared to Perl, Python and PHP)
  • Javascript/AJAX/AJAJ: Who develop web in 2010 without this? Me. I need to know at least the scripts used in danbooru.

Normal priority. Not really needed but I want to learn in-between learning items listed above:

  • Bourne Shell and awk: Need to learn better writing style and I’ve never actually learned awk. I sed/cut/grep all the way until today (and maybe for next few weeks until I learned awk)
  • Perl: If only because it’s got the highest amount of modules.
  • C: To fix/improve/hack many things. Mainly nginx and pure-ftpd.
  • English (conversation): My conversation skill sucks. Not saying my writing/listening/reading is good, but at least better than conversation.
  • Japanese: …

Low priority. Not needed for this few months but I must remember to learn it one day or learn whenever I feel like:

  • Algebraic Structure: Required for cryptography. It’s like building things with lego and trying understand them. IYKWIM. Interested in does not mean capable of.
  • Cryptography: Mainly because I want to completely understand this.
  • Graph: Hurrr.
  • Theories in logic: Nothing is more fun than attacking arguments at structure level :>

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