So this mahjong thingy

Is in this class.

I just got to think it after checking Saki’s hand on the episode 18 (it’s tsumo rinshan kaihou (1), tanyao (1) toitoi (2) sananko (2) sankantsu (2) btw – 8 han aka baiman) – when Kurogane said the earlier (low point) hands are called trolling.

Feeling the similarities with a card game I used to play, I looked it up at the central of fast knowledge fix and found this. Rummy. I think I used to call it remi (few years ago until I reminded/bothered to look it up today).

Yes I liked to troll in that game :>

And apparently it’s also related to canasta, a card game I often heard and usually played by someone (or sometwo) at home when having, um, gathering, LOL. IYKWIM.

4 thoughts on “So this mahjong thingy

  1. Isn’t it 8 yaku (1+1+2+2+2)? If I don’t wrong (I forgot my note), It isn’t become Sanbaiman, but Baiman, with 8000 from each player because Saki East. 😀

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