How to improve translation in your subs

Tonight at #darkhold:

[22:55] <edogawaconan> "I for one find that "flashy" karaoke is a good way to for a group to show how skilled it is at it's job, translating. If you want more subtle subtitles, get the dvd. (when it comes out of course) "
[22:55] <edogawaconan> WHUT
[22:55] <edogawaconan>
[22:56] <SN1P3R> lol
[22:56] * demi` is now known as tedio
[22:56] <edogawaconan> your typical anidb user
[22:58] <jfs> YEAH because a good karaoke programmer pulls up the level of the translator!
[22:58] <JEEB> lawls
[22:58] <Plorkyeran> or maybe they think a good karaoke programmer would only work with a good translator
[22:59] <edogawaconan> well
[23:00] <edogawaconan> not as lulz as gg's canaan thread :/
[23:00] <Plorkyeran> that thread is pretty awful
[23:04] <Emess> jfs: didnt you know, if I translate something but you make the karaoke, it will be better than a professional TL
[23:05] <Emess> because it has better karaoke than a localisation DVD
[23:05] <edogawaconan> lol

2 thoughts on “How to improve translation in your subs

  1. Hold on, hold on. Maybe if you make the karaoke REALLY bright and flashy the fans will be so blinded by the colors they won’t notice the crappy translations! Brilliant, this guy’s a genius! 😀

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