VLC 1.0 released… and reaction at #darkhold

It’s just released.

Here be the reaction from #darkhold (the channel where encoders camp and sometimes discuss about encoding)

[20:03]  whut vlc 1.0
 vlc 1.0 out?
 ITS out!
 lets see if they fixed libass as promised xD
[20:04]  it IS
[20:04]  hmm
 wow CoalGuys Toradora!'s OP2 finally works as expected
[20:07]  too bad p doesnt work
 what does p do? (does it work in mplayer?)
[20:08]  pigoz: its CoalGuys tho so it doesnt really matter
[20:08]  pigoz: no, p doesnt work in mplayer
[20:08]  actually it sort of does witht eh REALLY latest shit that hasnt been committed to mplayer yet
[20:08]  anyway p is for vector drawing
[20:09] * Raijenki is now known as Cannan_is_my_waifu
 ah I see, is it used to typeset signs right? You usually cover the sign with your colorfill
[20:10]  let's see if vlc works in windows 7 yet
[20:10]  the RCs didn't
 lol got first crash just now
[20:11]  what did you try
 seeking into an haruhi episode
[20:11] * Mikun2 is now known as Mikun
[20:11]  with ordered chapters or not?
 no it should be a normal one
[20:12]  vlc has always had enough problems
[20:13]  pigoz: well you can typeset without p
[20:13]  like using clip and LOLhueg outlines >.
[20:13]  but p is used for particles and most other kara effects
[20:14]  it's handy for a few other things too, like vector clipping
[20:14]  please wait while your font cache is rebuild.
[20:14]  ^I lol'd
[20:14]  it still fails to load softsubbed MKVs under Win7!
[20:15]  "please wait while we consult starks as to the best way to make you cry"
[20:15]   whut vlc 1.0 <-- whut
[20:15]  oh shi
[20:15]  they finally got there
[20:15]  it opened it after all!
[20:15]  just took like forever
[20:15]  have they fully incorporated vsfilter
[20:15]  and do they do segment linking etc.
[20:15]  high-bitrate H.264 decoding still fails
[20:16]  how so
[20:16]  lolblocking
[20:16]  also seeking is still as broken as before
[20:16]  now I seem to have lost the audio
[20:16]  hnn
[20:16]  hmm
[20:16]  works after seeking again
[20:16]  lolvlc
 mplayer is soo much better, but hey they made some progress
[20:17]  also it fails bigtime at segment linking
[20:17]  it just jumps back to file start if you try to jump between chapter points on an ordered chapter MKV
[20:17]  and obviously fails to include OP/ED
[20:18]  also they really seem to have made the pause instant
[20:18]  only took like forever!
[20:18]  also audio still jumps a bit when pausing
[20:18]  hahahahahahaha
[20:18]  guess what
[20:18]  when it reached a point where a linked segment should have started
[20:18]  it jumped back to the beginning of file!
[20:18] * JJS[out] is now known as JJS
[20:20] * Cannan_is_my_waifu is now known as FMR
[20:28]  sounds like a real winner release
[20:29]  I might grab it later and write some rage idk
[20:29]   lolblocking <-- how can they not even be at reference level
[20:29]  hurf, not in arch repo yet
[20:30]  actually, the 1.0 release really does deserve it's name
[20:30]  "goldeneye"
[20:31]  true
[20:31]  because using it feels like playing an FPS from 1996 on a shonky controller with shitty graphics and a terrible processor, and it breaks at chapter changes
[20:31]  New HD codecs (AES3, Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, Blu-Ray Linear PCM, Real Video 3.0 and 4.0, ...) <--I lol'd
[20:32]  so BD has a different LPCM to everything else, k
[20:32]  and Real is HD
[20:32]  Video scaling in fullscreen <--always a good feature
[20:33]  the downscaling is still shit though
[20:33]  everything gets horribly aliased
[20:34] * Emess waits for x264 to do something that breaks VLC
[20:34]  then again they'd lose their hosting
[20:34]  I bet there'd be tons of places willing to host x264 instead
[20:34]  and there's also always sourceforge
[20:36]  I guess the videolan umbrella has its good points in, say, GSoC or git hosting with a mailing list. IIRC the x264.nl is mirror-based anyways

Draw your own conclusion (tl;dr: still crap)

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