pam_mysql on OpenSolaris

Thanks to boredness, I tried to finish installing pam_mysql which was failed before. Here’s the tricks:

  • Symlink pam_appl.h and pam_modules.h from /usr/include/security to /usr/include
  • Use Sun C Compiler. GCC won’t work – don’t bother trying
  • make will most likely fail because -lCrun doesn’t exist or something. Temporary workaround is by removing -lCrun from the command in Makefile (open Makefile, find and remove -lCrun)

Seems to be working here.

3 thoughts on “pam_mysql on OpenSolaris

  1. Did you use any options with the configure script? My tries of running the configure script end with:

    configure: error: Cannot find pam headers. Please check if your system is ready for pam module development.

    even though it’s found pam_appl.h and pam_modules.h.

  2. Hi! Here is worked configure with CFLAGS


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