Little Busters! 18+ edition!

Noumi Kudryavka

According to this, Key will release little busters! adult only version~

Yaaay! Finally! LOL!


and nice figurine (broken link). Someone interested in buying me one? ;_;

disclaimer: I haven’t played all-age version yet…

PS: in case you haven’t noticed, most of “news” I post here was taken without permission from the source I linked (which is usually another blog…). 😛

2011-02-07 Update: removed broken link.

9 thoughts on “Little Busters! 18+ edition!

  1. i just want the CG pack^^
    cuz i can’t read japanesse

    that first post probably indonesian

  2. well, usually i just listening to the voice to understand the story…but hey!!the main chara and naration doesn’t have voice!!

    err…are you mean the ero scene?

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