Someone is late (WRT Linux as desktop)

Well, I’ve known this for a long time.

When you promote your OS as a ‘desktop OS’, you should actually focus on desktop-centric features.

Trying to modify server-centric applications to behave as desktop-centric results funny failure.

Also to anyone trying to reuse their old machines using Linux with GUI operation in mind: good luck.

Up next: reasons I don’t use Linux.

2 thoughts on “Someone is late (WRT Linux as desktop)

  1. someone has set the fire!!!
    uhmm, wait I have to comment on this..
    what should I say…
    oh This is it…
    trollolololololol… lol… lol… LOL… !!!!!!

    that’s actually a _perfect_ reason not to use Linux as desktop!
    as a linux desktop user, I can’t defend anything on this…

    well, peoples do choose…

    and in some country what illegal is illegal
    that’s why there is some people make this “open religion”

    and habit is habit.
    u know what I mean :>

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