Faylan – CANAAN Promo(?) Single

amusic = aether-music.

Apparently no one bothered releasing this even though C75 is 6 months ago (December 2008). Or so tokyotosho said. It is there, in mp3 format. Hur hur.

Here it is. I think it’s the single. Probably. It sucks if it really is then – it’s not easily available (Comiket stuff). We’ll see if there will be another, non-comiket release for this one. It is not.

Mirror on mediafire. My upload speed sucks. And according to editor at Hydrogenaudio, Vorbis generally reaches transparency on q 5 (and this one is q 6). From same source, mp3 at 320kbps might be not transparent yet.

Tell me if you want lossless version. Or the accompanying music video.

[ mediafire | torrent (nyaa) ]

Random: nice torrent ID on nyaa. Lol.

Eve no Jikan / Time of Eve episodde 4 sometimes this month. Or next month. Depending on how distracted I am.

Update: it is not.

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