What’s the deal with some of those scanlators?

Sir, yes sir! Apparently I'm a moron by their standard.

Sir, yes sir! Apparently I'm a moron by their standard.

Mainly with “no mirror”, “register and post to download”, “do not post links anywhere”.

Also apparently there are some problems between scanlators and fansubbers-doing-scanlations. Like this. Or this.

I also remember crafting some lengthy post (in my brain) of comparison between scanlating and fansubbing. I got bored later and decided not to create the post. Or maybe will if I get motivated one day.

What will happen if someone upload the scanlation somewhere?

  • They will drop the project. If one of their intention ‘managing’ the release is to get the money used to buy the manga back then it means they can’t get money at all after dropping the project. And in this case apparently they bought at least one volume already. And you guys are not the only one capable of scanlating manga – even a mid-schooler can do that. Yes that’s me years ago – done with Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000. At least I know that I need to grayscale the scans first. My English still sucks though 🙁
  • Add more restriction. Because those guys scanlate manga for themselves and the people they can control. How about implementing DRM on scanlations so they can better control the circulation of their scanlations?
  • Something else.

Trackback and the mirror for flamebait.

[ Kiss x Sis chapter 24 by AnimeSigma | mediafire mirror ]

5 thoughts on “What’s the deal with some of those scanlators?

  1. Yes, some scanlators(especially the ones that scan shoujo) are elitist pricks. But there are elitist pricks everywhere.

  2. Ehh, I’m torn on this. On one hand it’s their right to ask people to hold off mirrors for 48 hours. They enjoy the traffic to their site, good for them. The fans can choose to comply or not.

    The problem comes when they start throwing hissy fits and delaying or canceling releases because the world doesn’t go their way. That’s just childish. I mean, seriously.

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