So, this thing is actually famous in console?

This Valkyria Chronicles, actually got a ‘news’ post on Kotaku.

Well, considering it’s got pretty high score on many(?) game review sites – according to writers on Wikipedia.

On the other hand, someone is not amused watching this anime, and it’s got the studio produced QUALITY animation of certain anime this season (de arimasu~).

But hey, I don’t play console games. *shrugs*

My comment on this: lulz. And it doesn’t seem all that special compared to the rest of series this season. The only unique thing from this series is the pencil-ly textures which looked kind of weird when animated.

2 thoughts on “So, this thing is actually famous in console?

  1. >But hey, I don’t play console games. *shrugs*

    Of course, you don’t. You along with your Indonesian otaku buddies are all into eroge. Sigh. Talk about being shallow. Hehehe…

  2. In regards to Valkryia, I haven’t heard (nor played the game) until I heard about the anime announcement… Wiki’d it today and saw the hype too. Meh, RPG games have never been of an interest… Xenosaga is hard as it is (and it was the demo).

    P.S. Why can’t I edit my comment on wp? There should be like a 1 minute free edit period… Stupid WP.

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