Fetch that tag! moefetch 0.1-alpha1

As I mentioned before, here’s the script I use just made to do the job.

The one I made before is crap. This one is much better.

For *nix only as I assume *nix system in the script. Mostly using POSIX tools except for xsltproc and wget. I don’t know what will happen if you use on non *nix.


…as I haven’t done actual testing at all.

But the basics are all here and seems to be working (on FreeBSD, at least).

Should work on any danbooru powered sites.

Bug reports are welcome. (just post comment here)

[ Latest moefetch from googlecode ]

PS: tell me if you know something like this. And no, I need the one using pure (pdk)sh and wget/xsltproc.

Update: moved to googlecode

5 thoughts on “Fetch that tag! moefetch 0.1-alpha1

  1. well, as far as I try… it works…. 😀
    there’s a little misplaced command parameter I guess…
    since my md5sum doesn’t have -s parameter, but it’s not even bugging me..
    and hey, don’t compare shell scripting with real scripting language, please.. :>
    as they made for different purposes….
    nice job you got there )o_o)b

  2. indeed,
    but then again, their primary purposes is different, as stated by Bourne:
    “I would also say that the shell is the interface to the Unix system environment and so that’s its primary function: to provide a fully functional interface to the Unix system environment so that you could do anything that the Unix command set and the Unix system call set will provide you. This is the primary purpose of the shell.”
    And yes, they have absolutely similiar approach on the way… And I’m not, by any means, insulting you about that. In the end it just the matter of self taste preference, I guess… :>

    oh, and I found that you can extend the feature by checking already downloaded files and calculate their hash sum, so moefetch will only download the latest files… already implemented??

    • it’s in the latest svn (and in the original script I made but broken in the script in this post)

      Oh and according to this,

      Shell scripts are useful for programming repetitive Unix tasks and simple manipulation of files.

      I’m doing the right thing :>

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