Right OS for right job

Here’s my personal choices:

  • Standard server OS: FreeBSD
    • Easy usage (for server usage)
    • Easy configuration (how easier rc.conf can be – also ports system wins)
    • Fast update
  • Storage and experiment server OS: OpenSolaris
    • ZFS (current best filesystem, IMO)
    • Zones
    • VirtualBox (OpenSolaris is made by Sun and VirtualBox is currently owned by Sun)
  • For old system or/and firewall/secure server: OpenBSD
    • pf
    • Lightweight
    • It’s OpenBSD
    • Easy enough (no, it’s a lie or maybe not)
  • For desktop: PC-BSD ArchLinux
    • Rolling updates (most up-to-date Linux, AFAIK)
    • It’s Linux D:
    • Lightweight
    • Lulz
    • You can select which DE you want to use
  • Just because it’s the main OS supported by BrandZ: CentOS
    • Supported by BrandZ
    • It’s Linux
    • Which means there’s more sanity in there compared to OpenSolaris
    • I would’ve never use it if not thanks to BrandZ
  • For the lulz: DragonFlyBSD and NetBSD
    • Both has pkgsrc which should make installing programs just as easy as in FreeBSD
    • DragonFly got HAMMER
    • NetBSD got… toaster?
  • For the lulz in the future: Haiku, ReactOS, etc
  • Sane multimedia and gaming environment: Windows (XP|Vista|7)

Flame, etc.

Up next: Wrong OS for the job. If I’m not lazy.

2 thoughts on “Right OS for right job

  1. dont forget that opensolaris also have webstack,
    never use solaris again since 2008.11’s kernel panic on my laptop.
    Even after I steal 3 cd’s and tried all of them… :<

    and for 2 of a kind architecture, ArchLinux sure better than slackware
    No, I don’t say they were the same, it’s totally different, but if you ever have using the old slackware v9 or 10, you’ll got the same feeling from Arch…
    Slackware just getting too old… I used to be Slackware fags 4 years ago :<

    well for lulz you must mention puredarwin XD
    and dragonfly’s hammerfs seems promising… or no?

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