Tips of the day

For encoders (actually, for myself):

  1. do not upscale
  2. IVTC properly
  3. careful when IVTC – don’t let jaggies plague your video
  4. related to #3, well, 1 jagged frame might ok if you’re lazy
  5. anamorphic on anamorphic source (unless downscaled)
  6. do not filter
  7. if 2 is not possible, find better raw
  8. if 3 is still not possible, filter with care (see below)
  9. also related to #4, downscale if possible
  10. related to #1, if it’s too small, upscale to closest not-to-small size
  11. do not overfilter
  12. do not overfilter, warpsharp is wrong
  13. do not get the AR wrong
  14. crop black borders
  15. do not overfilter, edeen is evil
  16. crop black borders
  17. do not overfilter, deen is beyond evil
  18. vfr is painful
  19. unless you know what you do, do not vfr
  20. related to #17, vfr to 29.97 fps (I think)
  21. do not overfilter, awarpsharp is evil


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