Telkom Speedy new packages

Apparently it’s more affordable now. Affordable – idr 295k/mo for 512 kbps (for up to 3, or 5 or some other unknown number and then throttled to lower speed).

The naming from this news post (Indonesia) is pretty much nonsensical, though. “Chat” package is 50 hours limited. “Game” package is 1 Mbps. “Family” package is semi-limited with whopping 384 kbps (unless they mean to say “‘family’ means you’re alone so 384 kbps should sufficient”). This post’s picture makes more sense (and if the QoS information is correct, it’s actually pretty good). We’ll see what’s the REAL deal after Telkom actually updated their information page.

Okay, they already updated their page (apparently they forgot to move the table’s picture to publicly accessible location). And the names mentioned at Kompas is actually true. Scary.

The package names and their description are totally relevant. Here’s the example:

Paket GAME (Unlimited 1 Mbps)

Dengan kecepatan 1 Mbps downstream dan 256 kbps upstream serta alokasi kapasitas ke gateway internasional yang lebih besar cocok untuk penggunaan internet yang dishare hingga ke sekitar 10 pengguna.


GAME Package (Unlimited 1 Mbps)

With 1 Mbps downstream and 256 kbps upstream and also higher international bandwidth capacity, it’s a good choice for shared internet usage around ten users.

(pardon my fail translation)

…because it has higher bandwidth, therefore it’s good for shared usage… so we call this package “GAME Package”.

Relevant, yes.

I also noticed this when visiting their site. At the homepage:

Someone call Blizzard, please?

Someone call Blizzard, please?

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