Internet Connection in Indonesia

I’ll refer to this post when telling someone about internet connection in Indonesia.

Here are the choices (in my location):

(kind of) cheap ones:

  • low speed, “unlimited”[1] bandwidth
  • high speed, limited bandwidth (like, 30 USD for 3GB “up to 1 Mbps”)

Not so cheap:

  • high speed unlimited bandwidth ¬†(60 USD for “up to 1 Mbps”)

And lastly (kind of) cheap:

  • *damn it when will this certain ISP covers my city!!!!!!111* high speed unlimited bandwidth

Of course there’s always office/uni connection where most people usually downloads their “needs”.

Extra:¬†Here’s the corporate connection pricing, if you’re wondering.

[1] unlimited: speed throttled to < 4 KB/s after the download count get past the limit for “large” transfer (10MB) reached in short time, for 30 minutes (must be disconnected or it won’t back to normal). OR woohoo-i’m-so-lucky-i-can-browse-or-even-connect.

*Note that by “high” I actually mean double-digit speed. Or perhaps triple-digit, if lucky. And by “low” I really mean single-digit speed. Or perhaps sometime double-digit, if lucky.

Corrections are welcome.

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