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Old home’s connection has been disconnected so I resorted to Indosat M2 Broom o_o

Read more for boring texts.

The connection was slow before but after applying certain hack which involves using HyperTerminal and connecting directly to my modem-wannabe (read: phone) to force connecting to 3G network (or else I’ll be stuck at GPRS and whopping 5 KB/s). I just hope my phone doesn’t broke as it feels rather warm (currently cooled with a desk fan xD ). The connection has been stable this day long (for about 6 hours straight till now).

On the other hand, the main pc hasn’t been moved here so I stuck with laptop for now. Or worse, some Celeron 1 Ghz which can’t even run Sony Ericsson PC Suite properly. Therefore I can’t do any fansubbing work, or even watch HD anime properly. 🙁

On the other hand, Windows Live Writer is pretty coal. I’ve tried it before but I didn’t really used it to post anything useful mainly because it doesn’t support WordPress’ caption ability (that’s why this post doesn’t contain any pictures :p ). Well, my current speed isn’t really great so I’m kind of forced to use this.

Also completely unrelated note, it seems that there won’t be single for Kalafina’s last Kara no Kyoukai movie theme song. It’ll be only available in album form which costs 4800 JPY which is ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff expensive. It contains 40 pages booklet and some other cool stuffs (probably). Will be released next month. [ CDJapan link ]

Also unrelated, WordPress 2.7.1 hits RC1 recently and it’s the version I’m running. Subversion rocks. It (or other VCS) should be THE WAY for any web application since it enables fast and simple upgrades. And plug-ins, themes and other modifications should be made in a way such that it can be used without modifying any core files (which, AFAIK, applies to most forum system – (almost) except for bbPress).

I think I have some more to write but I forgot what was them so I’ll stop here.

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